My name is John Atobello and I served in the United States Army from the age of eighteen to twenty-six. In those eight years I did two tours in Afghanistan and spent the rest of my time at the Fort Mccoy Army Base in Monroe, Wisconsin. In the army I cut my teeth engineering and rebuilding everything from weaponry to tanks.  

In the ten years since I left the army, I have worked as a tow truck driver throughout Wisconsin. As an Italian-American, New York native, Wisconsin is an incredibly different change of pace. The natural surroundings and wildlife have really won me over though. Plus, whenever I need to burn a bit of energy, I shoot guns with my friends and explore the wild in my Toyota Tundra.  

I’m a no bull kind of person. I don’t waste time and I tell it straight. I thought this blog would be a great opportunity to talk about the baddest trucks on the market, towing, and breaking down the best guns available. If that’s the kind of stuff you’re into, you’ve found the right place.